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Little Spirits ~ Manitiw

May 21st, 2010 – 7:38 am


When I was very young, I sat in dry grasses listening to my great-grandmother tell stories of the Manitou. On the the surface, these Algonquian tales are familiar to Europeans.  They are stories about elves; little spirits,  who live under rocks and along streambeds, energies capable of  […]

With the Sun

May 19th, 2010 – 9:37 pm

He comes with the sun
Sauntering up the hill
Greets me

Acknowledges Ulli Maki
It’s a pattern laid down by their mutual ancestors
They meet eyes
look away, meet again

We share the delights of the morning and the garden freshly watered.
And after an hour or so we each move into our separate days.


May 19th, 2010 – 8:50 pm

Today is the Eldi day - day of the Elder tree.  The Elder tree was a portal faeries used to move freely between earth and magic realms.
Recent times have been strange for many, me included. Over the past few months I have been remembering the wisdom of my grandparents. They  would say, “Walk  in the […]