Out of Nothing…Beauty is born

October 10th, 2015 – 3:04 pm

Sámi are also known as Lapps or Laplanders, from the Swedish word lapp which means patch. It’s a recognition of the clothing Saami wear, garments made of colourful pieces of cloth. Many consider this a derogatory term, a sort of looking down on poverty, but for myself it fits well. We were raised to utilize everything, find beauty in usefulness, and to make things useful, beautiful. Everything I do is made of bits and pieces, even my paintings which are cut apart, then reassembled to form a whole of a different quality.

Sámi bracelets are crafted of bits and pieces of renskinn and antler. Tenn, a kind of pewter made with silver spun around sinew, is used to embroider designs of timeless tradition - duodji. Bits and pieces that would otherwise be thrown away transform through patience into beauty.

This year in the studio there will be duodji, tradional bracelets, but also my own interpretations of old stories embroidered with Tenn into reindeer skin. From bits and pieces offered by earth comes a series of Ullas, mythical entities with ancient wisdom.


  1. Ellen Hagenaars says:

    Dear Ellen,

    I was so impressed by your story in video about the saami bracelets that i want to know more about the tradition but i can not find anything on the internet about it. I was in lapland a couple of years ago and then i never saw the bracelets. We did meet a man that told us something about the saami people but untill i was back home i started a sjamanistic class and am learning about all kind of things. I saw your bracelets or something that looks like it in one of our meditation journeys and know i am looking for a original bracelet to wear as a totem. A also like your totem necklaces. Can you tell me something about the bracelets and the meaning of them and can i in a way buy one from you. I like the big dark brown once you are wearing in the video. Do you still make them? And what is the price? Sorry to ask you so directly but i can find them anywhere and love to have them to use them on my path to more great adventures and beautifull thing that sjamanisme brought me. Greetings Ellen Hagenaars from Holland

    Comment made on November 14, 2015 @ 1:10 pm

  2. Ellen says:

    Thank you dear Ellen from Holland.

    You have inspired me to write more about the tradition, I have some photos of the older ways of hand spinning tenn that may be of interest.

    As to acquiring a bracelet, and other thoughts about totems and shamanic creativity, I will email you In a few days.

    I am delighted you have found me.


    Comment made on November 14, 2015 @ 6:15 pm

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