Open Studio 2014

October 23rd, 2014 – 11:44 pm

Come and be welcomed!


There are new things; monotypes and collage, paintings and Saami jewelry.



Two weekends : October 24 & 25 and November1&2

9am- 5pm

Maps and catalogs are available locally covering all the artists participating.

Sewing Saami Bracelets

October 23rd, 2014 – 9:50 pm

Duodji - the way of Saami. Our tradition. Keeping alive my culture….

Remembering our connections.

A long walk home

October 23rd, 2014 – 9:00 pm
Looking westSometimes there is nothing to do except live in the moment and knit. So it has been the past many months. Knitting in waiting rooms while the woman who helped me pick up slipped stitches as a child received radiation and chemo. Hats and more hats were knit on circular needles, no pattern, just casting on and knitting, letting it all happen as it would.

We are on the other side now. Remarkably it looks like a cure and already strength is finding its way back into my mother’s life.

And for me…I’m in the river again, floating on the wonderful currents of creativity!!

Polestar of Consciousness

January 28th, 2011 – 8:16 pm


The moon aligns with Antares tonight. You will see them in the early morning if you are up while it is still dark and the skies are clear. Antares is a warm coloured star just south of the ecliptic, it rises here around 4am, Venus follows just a little later. All three will be very close together.

Antares is a “birthingstar,” she gives birth to many seed stars as does a star in the belt of Orion. In our old Alfr mythology, Antares is the “polestar of consciousness.” It defines an axis that is galactic, it follows the the ecliptic through earth to Aldebaran. Both stars are guardians or watchers, Aldebaran is watcher of the east, Antares is watcher of the west.

We usually think of a polestar as meaning aligned the a star at the north polar axis of this planet (Polaris currently), but in fact there is another meaning to “polestar.” In old times, on Staffensdag, the second day after winter solstice,  a pole or staff was set into earth in the center of the stone circle and aligned with the north star, notches were cut, runes were carved. The staffen of wisdom was then carried around the countryside. The north pole staffen offered a calendar for daily living, marking seasons, planting, harvesting etc. The staffen aligned to Antares,  described something else, sacred wisdom.

My ancestors left stories asking us to be aware that our thoughts have power,  being in balance they said is what keeps the earth spinning aligned to the axis of consciousness.  Greed can cause a catastrophic shift, and they said, this has happened before.

The axis of Antares/Aldebaran is located ~10 Sagittarius/Gemini (tropical). Here and for the last many centuries is where Venus occults the Sun. This is the axis of the long count. Another way or calendar of keeping time. This is about evolution of Spirit and our souls.

solar eclipse

January 4th, 2011 – 6:00 am
3 January namnsdag: Alfrid, Alfrida, elf advice
4 January namnsdag: Rut, Ritva, slender branch


Ghost Sun

Deep darkness outside

Growing light inside


Many points along the old circle bear names which refer to the Alfr or Elves. The Alfr were an actual tribe of people who are remembered in the sagas. They lived in Alfheim, just east of the Oslo Fjord, in southwest Sweden. By the time of the Vanir,  before the Vikings came, the Elves were diminishing. Still, small enclaves remained and fragments of their culture still exist.

The 3 January namnsdag Alfrid, means elf advice and is associated with the circumpolar star Vega.

On the path of souls, a path of old Norse constellations, there walks a reindeer named Dain. Vega forms its face, some say Vega is Dain’s eye. Dain is an elf name, it means dormant.

Here is the deeper story…

About 12,000 BC Vega was the Pole star aligned with the north axis of Earth. The alignment of the north pole to a particular circumpolar star changes as the earth slowly drifts, the result of a phenomenon known as precession. Currently Polaris is the North star or Pole star. A complete transit of the circle takes about 26,000 years. Vega will again become the Pole star in 14,000 AD. We are half way.

What we see in the sky is a circumpolar map of the precession of the ages.  Two aeons represented by the north pole stars have reached their “opposition” along this small circle traced by the north axis of Earth. Polaris, the current polestar, is in the norse constellation of a reindeer named Dvalin. Dvalin was the mightiest of the dwarves who slept with Freya and initiated our current era.

The age brought by the dwarves is the age of Logos, a time of developing the “masculine” mental component of the whole. It is the complement to the age of Elves (and faeries) which was an age developing the “feminine” senses and light consciousness.

Namnsdag Alfrid points to a star portal, where we can ask for the advice of the Alfr, entities who aligned with light consciousness.

Early this morning there was a new moon, solar eclipse. A new moon, especially the first new moon of the year, is a time to plant the seeds of our intentions for going forward. An eclipse magnifies. With the bright star Vega in attendance, we are offered a moment to receive the advice of the elves. What follows is a “slender branch.” (A shoot of life in mid-winter)

If you are born under this star portal these energies are inherent in your birth-print, as would having other planets and angles at the center degrees of Capricorn (tropical).

During the deepest dark, increasing the light within achieves balance.


December 25th, 2010 – 11:31 pm

Our “grandmothers” might be a way to define the meaning of Áhkká. They are our soulkyn whom we remain connected to throughout time. The Spirit Áhkkás are frequently depicted on the noaidi drum, a shaman drum, a map of mystery.

The Mother Áhkká stands outside of time. Before a child is born Mattaráhkká receives from Spirit a seed of consciousness.  She prepares consciousness for its journey into the manifest world. When it is ready, this new soul, the seed of spirit, is passed to her daughters.three-sisters.jpg

These are known as the Sisters of Hope. The image in the center represents Sárraáhkká. She receives the seed of spirit and molds around it the material world. Then, she waits, sitting by the hearth until it is time, she is the spirit helper who midwifes the new soul into life.

As the child grows Uksáhkká guards the door, she keeps illness and evil out of reach so the child will be healthy and strong.

Juoksáhkká is the bow woman.


It was believed that all of consciousness was feminine and some intervention was required to change half of all the souls to males to keep things in balance. If you know anything about biology you realize the truth in this. Bow woman performs this task, she is the protector and guide of males.

This is how we come in, other Áhkkás guide us as we leave.

These are parts of the Story

December 23rd, 2010 – 11:52 pm
winter-sun.jpgreindeer-polestar.jpgahkkas.jpgFrom the stone, from the drums, from stories, memories, images of a life, living. A golden thread ties us all together.
 bow-woman.jpgthree-sisters.jpgsprings-daughter.jpgMy father turned 88 this summer. He is the rememberer and story-teller of his generation. When I went home to celebrate his birthday, I asked him if he would tell me in a most simple way who we are.”Our family came from Sweden.”   A truth, and a statement my father would normally leave just as that.  But, to me, he continues, “We were not like other Swedes. I always knew this as a child”"How so?”
“We are pagan.”"Yes.” Then, because I could not resist a tease, since of course I was raised without ever having been in a church, I asked, “Like wicca?”

“NO.” And he opened his arms to the forest, “This is us, who we are. We are this,” and he swept his arms over the landscape, “and it is us. No difference. Our way is being in balance. Simple.” Then, as an afterthought, “A big responsibility.”

There have been so many secrets that have unraveled in the last few years. It is the right time. Secrets served their purpose. They allowed my people who like many other indigenous, found themselves hunted, hung, burnt at the stake, to slip into anonymity. Secrets were necessary, even in more recent times, my parent’s time,  children were taken away from families to boarding school. Cultures were destroyed or held secretly with only small bits in the open.

I was in many ways luckier than most. My beautiful, exceptional parents chose to live with Native Americans.  For us a relationship had developed between two cultures in Alaska with my great-grandfather and continued with my parents at the Dxwlilap reservation. I am the lucky child, raised “inside the way.”

I am not of one culture nor another, but a blend that has at it’s root the one thing my ancestors were protecting; life lived as a sovereign self in harmony with the sacred land.

I do not know the language of my ancestors. My father remembers Sámi words, and they feel familiar to me.  But, the most important language, my parents did pass to me.  I hear it in a yoik, the song that spills out from the heart; earth, wind, trees speak, this I know, it’s the same language. It belongs to all of us who listen.

Image :: Imagination

December 21st, 2010 – 11:58 pm

For want of a line
an image magically transforms


from a dipper


to a reindeer walking the path of souls

So it is… we see the same things, but know them differently.

Our myths and stories tell us who we are, where we came from.
On the Mother’s Night just before the Solstice, a story played out in the sky.

A shadow fell over the coppery light of the full Moon, as she stood opposite the Sun. An eclipse. Some see this as a tug of war between a masculine Sun and a feminine Moon.  I’d like to suggest something different from my ancestors of the circumpolar north.

The two luminaries are considered by the Alfr to represent feminine consciousness.  During the eclipse they were standing precisely at the solstice points; gates of union which marry light and dark, earth and sky, masculine and feminine into a cycle that is moving back to balance and equality. Earth, the Alfr embodiment of masculine energies, was between them receiving the light from the Sun - becoming enlightened. We witnessed this event as a shadow on the Moon. Two mothers of different natures, cradled the earth at a moment of transformation.

At the eclipse, the Moon aligned with Betelgeuse in the constellation many know as Orion the Hunter. In northern myth this is Frigga, wife of Odin, and the archetype of the woman of the current age. The three stars “of the belt” form her spindle. She is spinning the sacred, faery thread  to weave us back to wholeness.

On the Story pole at my childhood home, you can see a carving representing  one of the wisdom keepers who stands beside another myth of Orion,


Three men in a kayak.

My Saami ancestors also know “Orion” as men in a canoe. They are searching for the “northern woman” she has been kidnapped, they are paddling toward the “house of Love” (Sirius by another myth) to find their “bride”.

Keepers of old flames look into the sky and see many stories. We wait. Plant seeds of intention, seek balance. Pass the stories on…..

open Studio 2010

October 16th, 2010 – 10:52 pm

We hope you’ll find your feet pointed in our direction. There’s lots new happening at the  studio this year.


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a new day dawns

October 3rd, 2010 – 4:53 pm


A hiker, in his sixties, very experienced, got lost in the Park. It is easy to get disoriented there. The canyons are deceptively interlocked, forming a huge maze of sandy washes bounded by massive piles of granite.

I read about it in the paper on his sixth day missing. He was just out for the day, how much water could he have been carrying? It was hot, in the upper nineties here, so probably in the upper 80s there.  Then the storms came. Somehow, I felt him safe. A helicopter found him. Alive, in good condition but very dehydrated.

Certain that he would die, he wrote his last thoughts to his wife and daughter. Love. Thoughts, of how to take care of them, who could be trusted, who he wished to be his pall bearers, he wrote  on to his hat.

The story touched me. Facing the abyss and then reunion, it’s powerful stuff. We love a happy ending. Another part of me gives great thanks to the people who continued to search after the odds were against survival. This too is an important part of the story.